The importance of SEO, or search engine optimisation, for the success of your business cannot be overstated. SEO is a digital marketing tool which works to bring organic traffic to your website and improve its ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Unlike SEM (search engine marketing), SEO success cannot be purchased, but is the result of expertise, content creation and analysis. 

At TWMG Health, we offer expert SEO services to healthcare professionals. For us, a successful and sustainable SEO strategy is holistic, a balance of highly technical algorithm experience, creating engaging and shareable content, and ensuring high brand visibility through our extensive list of media contacts.

Implementing SEO to best serve your business involves the following process:



Our team begins with a thorough audit of your existing website, identifying any issues and undertaking the procedures needed to fix them.


We then research the marketplace, digital search landscape and key competitor websites, analysing this data to identify opportunities and strategies to improve your SEO ranking.


Next, we undertake the optimisation of your company website, from site architecture to existing content, with the aim of giving your site the highest search engine ranking possible.



Finally, our team work to create new content for your website targeting specific search terms, helping to build site authority and add ongoing value to your website ranking.

Optimising your website for SEO offers benefits including the introduction of more organic traffic and potential clients to your services, the improvement of your site’s ranking on online search engines, and the emergence of your business as a leading authority in the Australian healthcare industry.


I have been extremely impressed with The Website Marketing Group. their high-energy and analytical skills allowed them to present to us a completely effective way of looking at our business segments, and we are now leveraging their talent across our online business.

Nicole Banks

Executive Officer