Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

The demand for cosmetic surgery and body modification has been steadily rising worldwide. According to an international study conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) in 2016, the number of cosmetic surgeons has increased by 8-10% in a single year. At TWMG Health, we understand the importance of distinguishing your clinic from the increasingly crowded aesthetic industry.

The influence of digital communications on the healthcare industry has been profound. The abundance of medical information and clinic reviews available online means that potential clients expect to be provided with trustworthy and easily accessible information to make informed decisions about their choice of cosmetic surgeon. Patient satisfaction, range of procedures offered and level of professionalism are several factors which clients take into account when researching plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics. In order to attract new clients to your clinic, this information needs to be prominently displayed and effectively conveyed in order to gain their trust and business. Furthermore, your clinic needs to be visible on mobile devices and smartphones, or you risk missing out on a significant part of your target audience.

TWMG Health offers comprehensive website development and digital marketing packages to suit both plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics. A professional and user-friendly website is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, and our team can provide unique features such as free quotation tools, procedure selectors, and integration of online appointment booking programs. We also offer services including social media scheduling, content creation and amplification, adwords and search engine optimisation, and can help you create a digital marketing strategy which will lead to long-term and successful results.

Keep a step ahead of your competitors with our website optimisation strategies. TWMG Health understands that plastic and cosmetic surgeons offer different yet equally vital services to the Australian community, which needs to be reflected in their digital marketing. Our team can promote the cosmetic procedures specialised in by your clinic, or focus on the benefits of reconstructive surgery for trauma patients provided by your plastic surgeons. Our research based and results oriented approach means that we can offer tailor-made digital marketing solutions for your healthcare service. We can make your website work for your business, providing a professional and user-friendly customer service experience to grow and maintain the surgeon-patient relationships that your clinic has cultivated over the years.

At TWMG Health, we believe in your dedication to your patients. Trust the medical marketing experts to help you care for the health needs of Australians.

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*Deloitte Access Economics, Connected Small Businesses 2016