Allied Health

From therapists to dieticians and radiographers, every allied health professional is essential to the Australian healthcare and wellness industry. At TWMG Health, we admire your dedication to help others, and our goal is to provide digital marketing solutions which bring medical professionals and their patients together.

Just as patient care and support forms the core of your business, so customer service and communications underlies the services provided by the team at TWMG Health. In an age of digital communications and instantaneous data, people are looking for easily accessible and trustworthy medical information and assistance. In order to build a successful and sustainable business, you need to stand out amongst the range of healthcare service providers currently in operation. Let us focus on your digital marketing while you focus on your patients, and present your business in the best possible light to potential clients.

Allied health professionals can no longer rely on word-of-mouth from satisfied patients to promote their businesses. An effective marketing strategy takes commitment to be successful, and TWMG Health have over fifteen years experience in website development and digital marketing in the healthcare industry. Our experience working in the healthcare and wellness industry has taught us that health professionals require a distinctive and comprehensive digital strategy to promote their services. Australians increasingly require personalised customer service online as well as in-person, and every year more people are using mobile devices to search for healthcare and medical services. In order to stand out from your competitors, it is vital that your professional website is optimised for mobile responsiveness, as well as being easily navigable and understood by visitors.

TWMG Health offers digital marketing packages featuring services such as search engine optimisation, content creation and amplification, social media marketing, adwords, and the creation of an effective digital marketing strategy which will lead to a long-term and profitable result for your business. All of these services act as a patient marketing funnel, attracting more clients and helping to maintain the professional-patient relationships cultivated over the lifespan of your business. We take into account your goals, needs and budget to create a positive and professional experience for your patients. Effective and efficient communication is an important part of delivering the best quality healthcare to the people of Australia, and our team can help you maintain and build the trust and loyalty of your patients.

At TWMG Health, we can optimise your professional website and digital marketing strategy. Contact the healthcare marketing experts today.

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