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Ubiquinol is known as an active form of Coenzyme-Q10 and can be found as natural antioxidants in the human body. It also plays an important role in energy production, cardiovascular health and fertility. However, the amount of Ubiquinol will decrease as we age. A daily dosage of Ubiquinol per person is between 100-150 mg. It is believed to help restore healthy level and energy in our body. However, to acquire that ideal dosage, a person needs to consume 60 avocados or 34 chicken breasts daily. Since it sounds impossible, Kaneka invented Ubiquinol supplement to fulfil nutrition that your body needs.

In 2007, Kaneka established Kaneka UbiquinolTM in their mission of improving quality of life. They introduced Ubiquinol ingredient in the form of supplement so that we could find and consume it easily. It is believed as a better and more effective form of CoQ10 that works better in our body.


Ubiquinol needs SEO marketing to drive traffic and spread new insight through their website. More importantly, because people might not familiar with CoQ10 or Ubiquinol for our body, Ubiquinol would like to increase awareness regarding the benefits. To achieve this goal, Ubiquinol called for TWMG Health's assistance.


Since healthcare has been people’s concern when they age, people become more aware, and they need reliable information to answer their health issues. Surfing into the internet randomly would get you confused, but a responsible website would always give the best for their visitors. Ubiquinol was back-up with clinical research for over a decade, and their experience has resulted in an evidence-based website with relevant content and insightful information. Ubiquinol website has more than just informative content. They also provide readable materials which talk about healthy lifestyle and how to maintain one of it. Here, TWMG Health team helped in organising those valuable materials to be as effective and beneficial for both the visitors and Ubiquinol. At last, the CTA leads the visitors to take a look at their product.


The website is well-organised and modern. Stay charged. Live life is their tagline which not only displayed to promote their brand but also to increase awareness of how healthy choice, Ubiquinol supplements, matters for their customers. All sort of information is placed just in its place and ease the visitors to digest the information without being confused. Besides the informative content on the benefits of Ubiquinol, the website also offers light blog posts for their web visitors to stay up-to-date with the current news or Ubiquinol benefit. All data have also supported by updated scientific research.

Visit Ubiquinol website for more info regarding how to maintain a healthier life. https://www.ubiquinol.net.au/

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