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The Sydney Sexual Health Center (SSHC) has been the longest running sexual health service in New South Wales (NSW) since 1933. This health centre focus on offering test, treatment and management for sexually transmitted diseases (STI) and HIV. Moreover, it is subsidised by the NSW Ministry of Health.

The SSHC provides numerous services, namely general clinic, youth clinic, express testing, a free needle syringe and counselling service. They offer an intense help and information for the communities in Sydney. Likewise, the SSHC website provides an online assessment device for individuals who think that they might have a risk or in danger of having STI or HIV.

At the point when TWMG Health agreed with NSW Health to redevelop the SSHC site, we were pleased to take part in helping the SSHC watch over the health needs of the Australians.

Shifting to Umbraco 7

The initial step TWMG Health Marketing took in redeveloping the SSHC site was to decide a content management system (CMS), which would be practical, easy to use, and support sites based on an ASP.NET MVC. SSHC put their final choice to Umbraco 7, an open source CMS which bolsters ASP.NET.

Umbraco 7 is just a right choice for nearly everyone — web designers, web developers, and content creators — for its simplicity and flexibility. It is also exceptionally adaptable, capable of running small tasks up to complex applications and large websites, so that is what SSHC site needs. Umbraco 7 is free, and our developers can either manage or apply their own design, as we did with SSHC. This CMS likewise is an ideal tool which offers proficient help, for it has active forums for discussing and solves any issues or particular needs.

Integrating the SSHC Database

The next process was to integrate the SSHC website with Umbraco 7. This included the current website code and database of the SSHC site that later combined them with the new project using Umbraco. The advantage of picking Umbraco as the CMS was that SSHC administrators would find it is easier to transfer and organise content.

After the process of transferring data was done, we started to design the CMS for the other element, that is content. TWMG Health team worked thoroughly to make the templates, pages, and so on to finish the project. When we had the whole webpage in our staging page, we asked SSHC to review it, and within a short period of time, TWMG Health launched the new site.

Setting up the New Site

Now SSHC team are able to manage components of their site including page content, banner images, emails, and social media easier since they decided to change to Umbraco 7. The transferring process of the content from SSHC old site also had done smoothly without any vital data lost in the exchange.

With their new CMS, the SSHC site becomes responsive, streamlined for various stages and easy to use. This implies that SSHC can focus on offering their health services to the community in Sydney, and site’s visitors could scroll down finding required information easily.

Eager to know more about the Sydney Sexual Health Center? Visit their site here.

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