The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network Intranet | Government

The Sydney Children's Hospitals Network provides great care and specialised services for children across Australia and overseas. It is the largest network of hospital and services for children in Australia. The network provides services which will take care of 51,000 inpatient admissions, 92,000 Emergency Department presentations, and more than one million outpatient service visits. They go for a persistent change in their services, therefore, they take a complete assessment to know their progress.


Sydney Children's Hospitals Network want to have an intranet system that worked seamlessly across all devices and help them organise the hospital data much easier than before. The data of medical institution holds various advantages, so it needs a well-built system for encountering an explosion in data, including staff and patient information as well as medical knowledge.

Sydney Children's Hospitals Network delegated TWMG Health to build up the intranet system. What they had as the main priority was something simple, responsive and easy to use, something fitting for their intended target. We say “yes” to the project right away.


TWMG Health team made a fresh, new design for the Children's Hospitals Data service Entrance or CHIMP. It will also incorporate design revisions and full gadget testing and execution of the user interface.


A couple of weeks later, the intranet system was ready to use! Its responsive and fresh look instantly relays what the brand and the service is about. The design, was assembled by TWMG Health’s qualified and experienced Web specialists, fits every single browser, as well as responsive to empower flawless display in various devices for great accessibility. Four versions of each breakpoint were made, and smooth navigation was the essential element for the model design.


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