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The NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal is a specialist semi-legal body built up in 2007. It has extensive authorities, some of them conduct mental health request, make and review orders, and to hear some appeals, all of which related to the treatment and care of people with mental ailment. Also, The Tribunal has a right of conducting civil and forensic hearings in medical care facilities and other health centres all over NSW by video and phone conferencing.


NSW Mental Health requested a site that contains various key goals and adjusted to government rules. They required a site that enabled individuals to log in to a different area, while also giving access to public and stakeholders who are non-member to related data, application forms, and other documents.

According to the Mental Health Act amendment, the part of directing mental health request shifted from magistrates to the Mental Health Review Tribunal since 2010, which implied that mental health request is performed by the Tribunal. Thus, the site needed to support them in this capacity.


TWMG Health Marketing made a site that incorporates a protected member-only login area and an open segment for the public that is hosted by TWMG Health. The essential part of the project was to showcase a lot of content in the easiest and simplest way for a diverse range of client base. Utilising directory functionality, the site's open segment enables access to far-reaching data about the association and also connects to relevant external bodies.

The data about the Tribunal, mental health request, practice directions, application forms and etc. are organised neatly on the new website. The available documents for the Mental Health Act are now accessible as Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF file format. There is a civil hearing pack intended to help general practitioners, managers and other partners in making an application to the Tribunal. TWMG Health's groundbreaking CMS permits NSW Mental Health’s administrators to effectively manage all parts of the site.

Web Improvement Advancements: Content Management System, PHP, XHTML, Website Hosting, CSS, and XML.


The new website for NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal set the quality standard for best-in-class government e-sites. The site efficiently gave relevant data spread and direct discourse among stakeholders. It results in increased productivity, transparency and enhanced bureaucratic procedures, enabling the Tribunal to serve their constituents better.

Visit the site: http://www.mhrt.nsw.gov.au

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