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Based in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Breathe Holistic Health is an Australian business that gives holistic healthcare to their customers, including chiropractic, psychology, therapeutic back rub (massage) and yoga classes.

The idea behind BHH services is to facilitate Australians with the most ideal health care and quality of life through an integrated practice and principle. This implies BHH experts consider the mental, physical and natural parts of their customers' health during the time spent treatment.

So as to give the most ideal support to their customers, BHH favoured TWMG Health Marketing to upgrade their website to the next level, and take advantage of our experience in SEO and social media strategy.

Redesign: Advancing BHH's flexibility

Firstly, TWMG Health was in charge to upgrade and build up new BHH's website. This included moving the content from a static website page to content management system (CMS) and adding new pages to promote BHH's scope of services.

TWMG Health team suggested Wordpress as the most suitable CMS for BHH. Wordpress is an exceptionally adaptable and simple to utilise CMS and is quite popular for more than 20% of business websites. It is a free, open-source, as well as giving the client access to a large number of themes and plugins to maintain their site. More importantly, Wordpress is more than just a versatile CMS as it also works smoothly in mobile devices and supports SEO. Besides, as Wordpress was produced at first as a blogging site, it is intended to be utilised by individuals other than site designers, which will ease BHH staff to adjust and add content to their webpage later on.

Optimise: Improving Adword Usage

The second task for TWMG Health team was to enhance AdWords utilise, search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) on the BHH site.

To accomplish a great result, we made a landing page on the BHH site to optimise the keywords associated with the services that BHH offers. By doing so, we focused on doing the SEM and SEO of the new website so that it would be easily noticed by both search engine results and the potential customers.

On account of BHH, the landing page designed by TWMG Health highlights important information that might their customers need to find, such as evidence-based treatments, affordable healthcare, values of BHH, and more importantly, a range of health services offered by the company.

Develop: Expanding the Social Network

At long last, TWMG Health worked with BHH to make a powerful and effective social media management plan.

BHH chooses Facebook and Instagram as the two main social media tools to develop their business and draw in the present and potential customers. TWMG Health Marketing team suggests Facebook to bridging BHH and their customers directly through sharing, posting, and chatting personally. BHH could also post articles, blog posts, and news to boost traffic and reach more individuals online. Facebook is likewise valuable to examine customer information, promote services and products and attract people all the while.

Instagram, in any case, as a picture and video-based platform, fills an alternate need for BHH. Not all companies can use Instagram in the full capacity, with its significantly more youngster-oriented and rely heavily on visuals. Nevertheless, TWMG Health team believes Instagram is the right means to showcase the 'human' and creative side of your company to your customers. Instagram also promotes real representation through visual portrayal that significant to BHH in their attention on giving holistic healthcare to the people of Australia.

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