Ten Simple Tips to Win at Social Media


A social media presence is essential for business these days. But it can be time consuming and the results are often hit and miss. So we’ve put together our quick and easy tips to help you get on top of social media and see great ROI. Here’s how:

Choose the right platforms. Consider which channels work for which types of content and the audiences you want to reach.

Use analytics to determine how you’re tracking. Don’t just push content out hoping it sticks. Look closely at your successes and failures and use that information to guide future content creation and amplification.

Switch up content formats. Repurpose a great blog or article into a video series or infographics.

Use social media to drive traffic back to your website. Give it some link love!

Be strategic with hashtags. Don’t use random ones. Make them relevant and the shorter the better.

Images, images, images. Audiences are increasingly consuming and engaging with content in this format. Think pics, videos and infographics.

Be sure to monitor your social media accounts. Keep track of all feedback – good and bad. And engage with your audience. It really is a direct two-way communication channel.

Use paid ads to increase your reach. It’s a great, often cost-effective tool in your social media arsenal.

Share your content more than once. This allows you to reach new audiences, different time zones and drive more traffic back to your website.

And finally – use a scheduling tool. This is an absolute must and a great time saver! It will allow you to have complete transparency, schedule in advance, view a social media calendar and avoid duplication or gaps in content on social, as well as view the analytics for your channels in one place.