Making the Most of Twitter


Investing in a social channel such as Twitter can have multiple benefits for your business. It can drive traffic to your platforms (blog, website); generate sales and raise brand awareness. But in order to achieve any of these, you need followers.

So who do you go about growing a Twitter community? It takes time and perseverance. But follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way.

Use hashtags. But less is more. Keep them relevant.

Advertise your Twitter presence. Use logos on your other platforms, in emails, link to your Twitter account in content.

Follow well known leaders in your industry.

Engage with your peers and community. Retweet and reply. It takes effort but the return on investment is well worth it.

Share relevant content with your community. Once again, the less is more rule applies here. Focus on quality over quantity. Experiment with different types and formats of content. And don’t be afraid to share the content of others.

Think visual. Images and videos work a treat.

Maintain a consistent brand presence across all your channels. Using the same imagery, logos, etc will help build recognition in the eyes of the audience.

Analyse, analyse, analyse. Make use of the multitude of tools which can help you learn more about which Tweets are doing well and why. Then you can focus on doing more of the same!