How to Write Better Website Headlines


Headline writing for online is a tricky business. Not only do they need to be SEO friendly but unique and creative all at the same time. And while it’s easy to focus on great content and make headlines an afterthought, they should be of equal importance. After all, what’s the point of great content if you can’t get anyone to read it? And this is where a great headline comes in.

For headline success follow our cheat sheet:

Keep them short and sweet. 65 characters or less so they don’t get cut off in search.

Make sensible and appropriate use of keywords. It will help your Google ranking.

Write headlines that are unique. Stand out from similar content and get your audience engaged and wanting to read yours.

Make use of numbers. The eye is drawn to numbers used amongst text.

Is your headline useful? Ask yourself this important question. It needs to give people a reason to click through.

Remember the five Ws. Who, what, where, why and when. These words give your audience an indication of what sort of information you’ll provide them with.

Be accurate. There’s a difference between engaging, highly clickable headlines and clickbait. The latter will breed disappointment in your audience and lead to them not coming back to you.

Consider context. Does your headline standalone? Will it make sense absent of the body copy? If not, ditch it and start over.

A/B test. No one can tell you if your headlines work better than your audience.

Draw readers in with questions. Punctuation has the same effect as numbers in amongst text.