Navigating social media can be a minefield. And the thought of making mistakes in such a public arena can be terrifying. But there are some easy ways to reduce the chances of those mishaps. And we’ve also got some good advice for if and when they do!

Don’t hire interns to handle your social media. Just as you wouldn’t put an intern in charge of your marketing department, treat your social media presence in the same way. Leave it to someone who really understands your brand and business.

Attention to detail. From grammar to working links, people will notice. So take the time to get it right.

Read through ALL content before you hit share. Just a quick skim or reading a headline is just asking for trouble and can be costly to your professional reputation.

Overly promotional posts. Social media is about relationship building, not a hard sell. There’s a time and a place for that.

Have a documented social media policy. Cover off the dos and don’ts, what’s acceptable, encouraged and off limits. Make sure that anyone doing social for your business is familiar with it.

And when mistakes do happen (and at times they will) don’t duck for cover. Be transparent and take ownership. It will blow over much faster that way.