Content Marketing Steps You Should Be Taking in 2016


Content marketing is a constantly evolving game. Google’s algorithm is ever changing as are audience needs and devices. So how can you possibly keep up and get the maximum return for your efforts?

Get your audience engaged. Chat to them on Twitter, ask them to take part in surveys and polls, run competitions.

Visuals are far more effective than text. Whenever you are coming up with new content ideas, consider how you can present these visually.

Keep a list of all new content ideas. These can come up in conversation, whilst reading the paper, anytime, really. And they are just as easily forgotten. So make a record of them to flesh out later.

Be genuine. Your audience is savvy and will know if you’re not. Focus on authentic two-way conversations to help build trust.

Create clear specific content. It must have a point if you want it to resonate with your audience in an already very noisy market.

Experiment with new content distribution channels. Snapchat, WhatsApp and Periscope are already making their mark.

Take a build, measure, learn approach. Test out your ideas, analyse them to see how successful they are, then modify your approach guided by your learnings.